Custom Decals

Create your own sticker/decal using stock clipart, shapes, or upload your own design. File upload can be done once you click the get started button below. 

All decals will come on an oversized square backer, and be in the shape chosen. 

Safe for use indoors, outdoors, or almost anywhere. These are considered permanent stickers. Will take some elbow grease to get them off.

**Stickers can take 24-36 hours to fully adhere to the surface placed on. Be sure area is dry and clean prior to placing the sticker **

For uploaded artwork we recommend the highest resolution possible or a vector file. If we run into issues with your upload or it will not look good. We will let you know. 

  • The size options below are the height. The width will be proportionate.
  • What is the backer?
    • This is simply what the sticker will come on. You will peel the sticker off the backer to place the sticker where you want it. 
  • What is Kis Cut?
    • This refers to the sticker being cut in the shape of the design uploaded or chosen. This is very similar to a die cut. With the exception that the backer of the sticker is on is not cut to the shape of the sticker