Company Shield

Want your station or truck number shown loud and proud? Well this shield design is for you! We have four shapes with two designs for each. You also have the option to delete the text at the bottom and have just that larger number taking up the entire shield. 

The design will be adjusted for the best alignment and placement of text. This will serve as the only proof for the order, so please double-check all spelling before placing your order.

  • About the beveling 
    • If you choose to not have the beveling around the text. This will then have everything recessed into leather vs having that raised looked you see in most pictures.
    • If you choose to have the beveling it will only be around the larger center number/text, and in the bottom banners if you choose that style. 

Helmet Shield Sizing Guide

Shield will not come pre punched. You will need to punch/drill the shield to mount on your helmet.