Accountability Tags

Estimated time to ship 2-3 weeks

Designed with a purpose. These are focused more on function rather that looking pretty. Personnel accountability on the fire ground is a major aspect that should be not be taken lightly, and we should all do our best to help that process move smoothly. While these could be used for just about anything. We designed them for the purpose of keeping track of who is on the call.

These may come off as big and clunky to some. Our thought was make it big enough that you cant forget about it, but not so big that you don't want to use it. 

Each tag measures approx. 7 inches long by 2 inches wide including the hardware. These are made much like our leather fire shields. With two layers of leather sewn together. 

You are able to choose your thread color, and hardware color. The brass rivet will always be brass in color. 

If you have a department scramble email it to us prior to ordering so we can make sure it will work.

Each quantity ordered will be for two identical tags!

For example if you have 1 in the cart it will be 2 identical tags. If you have 2 in the cart it would be 4 tags

Bulk pricing for 50 sets or more contact by email prior to ordering.

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