Christmas orders.

September 25, 2023 2 min read

Christmas is coming.

  • *Updated *12/04/2023*

    • Follow estimated shipping timeframe on each item.
      • If ordering multiple: timeframe will be on the longer end of the timeframe. We will contact you if order will go outside the timeframe.
      • If ordering different items: The longest timeframe is the timeline for the order.  
    • For new orders:
      • All shields, most embroidery, and all painted hats will not be done in time for Christmas. 
      • For the regular leather patch hats, follow timeframe shown.

    As you may have seen. Our hat inventory changes quickly. We want to do our best to make sure we can get you what you want for Christmas and in general. We highly recommend ordering sooner rather than later. As we get into late October early November lead times will become longer. Items like our Helmet shields, painted hats, and embroidered hats will be the items with the longest lead time.

    • So, what are we going to do to help?
      • Well for orders of 12 or more hats. We are offering no additional charge to special order the hats just for you.
    • What do we need from you?
      • Email us
      • We need to know what hat style/color hat and how many. Example: 112 Navy x12
      • To speed things up. You can customize the design on our website, download or screenshot the design and send it to us. We are going to ask you to do this anyway so please do this prior to emailing us. This is faster than emailing back and forth with mockups.


    We can special order Tumblers for you. To special order the tumblers they must be ordered in increments of 24 per size. The colors can be mixed. If we are special ordering for Christmas. These orders need to be in by the end of October.

    All items special ordered are subject to availability from suppliers. This is the other reason we would like you to get these orders in as soon as possible.

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    Steve Shuford
    Steve Shuford

    November 10, 2023

    Hi there, I have a customer looking for about a 150 patch hats. The r112 Gray with black mesh. And a patch emblem on the front. Can you contact me at 8283206515 or email me a price and let me know at thank you and what is turnaround time

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