Do you have in store shopping?

Yes and no. Most items are made after placing an order. We do have some ready made items such as stickers, helmet chin straps, and glove straps ready to go. We also have other items such as flashlights, drinkware, and other miscellaneous available in store. Cash/checks are not excepted in store.For custom items we do have a computer available in store and can assist with customizing. 

What are your hours?

Our hours and days very. If you would like to come by we recommended texting or emailing to see when someone will be there.

Text: 980-241-7528


Why do you not always answer Instagram and Facebook messages?

In short. There is one person to handle talking to everyone, as well as get every order ready for the rest of the crew. Email and text provide a condensed and focused way for us to chat. Keeping it limited ensures conversations are not lost or parts of it missed between platforms.

How do I mount my helmet shield?

There are two ways to do this depending on your helmet. 
  • If you have screw studs mounted in the helmet like in the N5A, N6A, and TL2. Remove old shield. Place the new shield how you want it on the helmet and press it firmly against the studs.
  • If the screws are not attached to the helmet like on the 1010, and 1044. Remove the old shield and place the screws back into the helmet. Place the shield how you want it and press firmly against the screw heads.¬†
Doing this will leave a mark on the back of the shield for you to drill/punch a hole. We recommend a hole punch or drill bit that is the same diameter as the shank on the screw or stud. Do not punch/drill the hole the same size as the head of the screw this will make the hole too big. If drilling use a sharp bit for a much cleaner hole. We also recommend a second person to hold the shield if drilling. 

How do I order the same hat again?

This would also apply to ordering the same hat as someone else. We have added a place on the custom hats, where you can add a previous order number. Enter the order number there, select the hat you want, and then proceed to the customization. Once the customization opens be sure to choose the design and leather color you are wanting. If everything is to be the exact same as the previous order. You can simply hit add to cart after selecting the design and leather color. For that instance, there is no need to go through the entire customization process. If some changes are wanted like a name change, or color change. Please make those changes, if no changes to other areas you do not need to do anything. We will use the previous order number to match the text, sizes of text and other aspects of the design. You are welcome to email us with any questions

Keep in mind if the previous order was for a painted patch but you are ordering a non-painted patch. We will make the same design in a non-painted version.


When will I get my order?

Estimated times to ship are listed on all items that require time to make. Painted items usually take the full time listed. Orders of multiple items may take a bit longer. We do keep up with the estimated times and update them as needed. Please keep in mind these are estimates but are very close to actual time for the order to ship/leave our shop.

Do you offer a rush service on making an item?

NO. We do not offer a rush service on any items. The only way to get an item faster it to choose faster shipping during checkout. This will only speed up transit time once the item has shipped. This will not speed up completion of the item. 

What are the different style hats?

Please visit our hat info page for information on the different styles and how to measure for fitted hats.  Hat info

Do you offer beanies?

We do not offer beanies. We recommend our embroidery guy for that. 

Dirty Dog Threads

Do you offer bulk pricing?

We do offer bulk pricing on most non-painted hats, as well as helmet shields. Bulk pricing is built in to the website and will show during checkout. Price breaks start at 6 hats or shields. 

 Will I get a proof for my order?

In short no. Using the built in customizer on our website will serve as the proof for the order. If you are wanting a more customized item, a proof will be provided after we chat a bit. 

How do I wash a hat with a leather patch?

The hats with a leather patch are hand wash only. Using a mild soap. Do not use soaps that have an abrasive mixed in. Do not wash in a washing machine or dishwasher. Allow to air dry naturally. Do not dry in a dryer, or with any machine/tool. Simply set it out and let it dry. 

How are you patches painted?

We use some pretty small paint brushes and paints that are made specifically for leather. All color is painted directly on the patch or shield by hand and finished of with a couple clear coats. 

Will I get a tracking number for my order? 

Yes all orders get an email when shipped with a tracking number. This will be sent to the email used during checkout.  

Do you offer a warranty on the leather patches?

This is dealt with on a case by case basis. Contact us with any issues. 

Do you offer any other hats not listed on the website?

Yes and No. We are a Richardson hat dealer and can get anything that Richardson makes, provided it is in-stock with them. Additional charges and minimum order may apply for hats that we do not keep in stock.

What if I want a different shape for the patch that isn't on the website? 

Shoot us an email with a description of what you are wanting. We will see what we can come up with. 

Where are the hats made?

The Richardson hats are made in multiple countries. We would love to have an American made hat. We just have not found one of the same quality and the price per hat not jump above $50.00

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