So… what’s been going on around the shop? And what we are improving on?

May 19, 2023 2 min read

To say we have been working our tails off is an understatement and trust me there is way more going on in the background than most people can imagine.

We have done some remodeling around the shop. We now have a much better layout and are working on making it look more inviting when you walk through the door. We welcome anyone that would like to stop by. We have some stock items, or we can talk about the custom stuff. It would however be best to call or text to make sure we are there. Our number is 980-241-7528. If you call leave contact info we will call back. That darn phone rings all the time with spam so please don’t be upset if we don’t answer.

Oh, and I’ve got some good news. Very soon one of our girls should be coming back to work. She has thoroughly enjoyed her time at home with the new baby but is super excited to be coming back.

What does this mean for everything. Well, some of you may not know this but we are a small business. Altogether we employ only 3 part-time employees and myself. With her coming back she does work a somewhat regular schedule. This means all lead times should be getting shorter!!!!

Here are our plans over the next few months.

  1. We want all lead times to be as short as possible. Here are our goals. We are not here yet, but getting there.
    • Standard hats that aren’t painted we want them shipped in 1-2 business days.
    • Painted hats we are aiming for 3 weeks or less.
    • Helmet shields (minus the full customs) our goal is 4 weeks.
    • These are all goals based on single items not bulk orders
  2. Updating the hat colors and options.
    • Some colors and options are going away. We are doing this based off what people order the most of and getting rid of what is not moving. Doing this will allow us to have greater numbers of the more popular hats. Plus, it simplifies the list of hats you see on the website.
  3. We are working on some new designs for the helmet shields.
  4. Expanding on the canvas prints. Hopefully adding custom options soon.
  5. We will be working on adding a pick your patch and hat type deal.
    • This would be more of an in-store thing.
    • The idea with this is we will have some leather and some embroidered patches pre-made. You come in, pick the patch, pick the hat, and we put it together right then.


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