Bulk Pricing.

We do offer bulk pricing. The discounts will be explained below. These are automatic when added to your cart. These only apply for orders placed directly on this website. All items must be on the same order for the discounts to be applied.

  • No qunatity discount on painted hats
    • Painted hats are hats that you would be able to change the text colors. Most have "Painted" in the item name.
    • As much as we would love to give a price break on these. We would have to raise the price to offer a bulk discount. 
  • Helmet Shields
    • Only applies to shields you are able to order directly on this website
    • Expect longer lead times when ordering multiple. 
    • Discounts are
      • Qty 6-11, 10% off
      • Qty 12-23, 15% off
      • Qty 24+ 20% off
  • All non-painted hats
    • The discount does apply to all non-painted hats, not just one single style. Meaning you can get the discount with different style hats and patch designs. The non-painted hats are the hats priced at $25.99
    • Qty 6-11, 10% off
    • Qty 12-23, 15% off
    • Qty 24+ 20% off

All quantity discounts are applied automatically in the cart.

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