Helmet Shield Sizing Guide

The best way to verify if our shields will fit your helmet is to measure.

  1. Measure the distance from the brim of the helmet to the top of the notch on the shield holder. In the picture below you can see a 6.5” would be too tall and in this case a 6” tall shield would be best.


  1. For the most part the width will workout after finding the height. We still recommend measuring the distance between the screw studs or holes. Just to be sure it will fit. None of our shields come pre punched. What you are checking here is that the distance between the studs/holes on your helmet is less than the width of the shield you are wanting to order. 

For a quick reference. The below are based off the stock base models of each helmet. If you have upgraded holders or aftermarket parts you will need to measure to be sure the shield will fit.