Classic Leather Shield

This might be the most customizable shield available directly on our website. 

Each line of text will feature a shadow/outline look in your choice of color. You also have the option to choose traditional beveling around the text. 

If you choose to have the beveling. We will hand tool around each letter or word depending on size. This will provide a more classical look. If you choose not to have the beveling. The shadow/outline will be recessed into the shield around the text. This may produce a cleaner look compared to the beveling. 

Read the below before ordering.

  • All shadows/outlines will be more defined and pronounced than what you see while customizing.
  • Pricing shown on this page is a starting point. Some options chosen during customization may change the price. You will see any price changes while customizing. If we find you paid to much based on the customization you will get a partial refund.
  • If you are not sure what size you need. Follow the link below.

Helmet Shield Sizing Guide

Shield will not come pre punched. You will need to punch/drill the shield to mount on your helmet.