Firehose Keychain

Each keychain is made from new or retired firehose. This bring a level of mystery to each keychain as each one will be a little different. We have partnered with O's Customs Hose who makes and referbishes firehose to supply us with the hose itself. 

Due to these being old/used firehose. You may see discoloration or dingy look, markings such as department names, hose size, or serial numbers. 

Features solid black flat keyring, black HK steel clip, and copper rivet, 

  • Key chain Approximate Dimensions:
    • Overall Length: 4.875 inches
    • Widest width: just under 1.5 inches
    • Fire hose width: 1 inch
    • Keyring is a flat key ring that is approximately 1/8" wide and 1/8" thick. 
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